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‘I can talk Marathi, I can speak Marathi
I can write Marathi: Learning Marathi
at Krishti’
Welcome To Krishti

Bengali culture is entwined with music, drama, poetry, sports and cinema. Krishti, in its relentless effort to promote this tradition, presents a social platform for the people in Mumbai, who are interested in Bengal's culture. This is a social organisation where you can participate, enjoy and keep in touch with the traditions of Bengal.

Lokhandwala Township in Kandivli(East), Murnbai has a large population of Bengalees, who are engineers, IT professionals, bankers, chartered accountants, businessmen and other professionals. Bengali-speaking people residing in the township are naturally drawn together as in a big family.

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Krishti Benevolent Fund (KBF)

Krishti is never biased to be a buddy only for good times; Krishti’s dream is to be a beloved companion of life for its members and associates.

Krishti’s heart bled when two of its members became the victim of the barbarian serial train bomb blast on 7th of July 2007 . It made two happy families plunge from the lap of peace and security to the daring jaws of cruel reality and uncertainty. It was a great realization that no amount of sympathy and or empathy can mend the trauma of two humble housewives and two innocent kids.

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Durga Puja 2017

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